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by admin on February 5, 2011

I have been working on a new app, Rewriting Freud. This is entirely built from the concept of the artist Simon Morris (see information as material ), and I was responsible for creating the technology requirements for the artwork. It was submitted last weekend and I’m excited about it – it’s my first Universal (can be used on all the iOS devices) app so I’m really pleased about it! This is the third version of the concept of Rewriting Freud. The first was an application made for a wall mounted touch screen kiosk, which was shown first in Rennes, France – seen below at the gallery. More images from the show.

This program re-wrote the entire book, The Interpretation of Dreams, but in completely random order. It was different every time it was re-written and you had the choice to print the page you were writing, or to print the entire newly written book at the end of the program cycle. It took the program roughly 3 days to write the book completely. There were also things like the viewer could pause / play the work, so you could see the kiosk initially and it would just be on pause.

I wrote the program in Lingo at the time, using Director as it seemed a good choice for the interactivity and the platform.

From that work, it wrote an edition of the book, Re-Writing Freud, and it is available to buy at £8.99. This edition has the same (with modifications) cover as the Penguin edition.

This new Universal version of Rewriting Freud, is waiting for review to be available for all on the app store. It will mimic the pricing of the book at £8.99 and is made to be interactive.

In fact, you won’t see anything at all unless you interact. The words only become visible when you tap the screen, then randomly the words are chosen from the entire book and presented in a random place on the screen.

The words then fade out after a set elapsed time.

This will be the first version of the program, but we are exploring into having a hidden additional view where you would also be able to see all the words chosen in that session, presented all in sentences.

The image shown is a capture of the app after it has been touched several times (on the iPhone 4), and the colours will be different depending on the way you hold your device. It will be in a show called Psyche & Muse at Beinecke Library, Yale University, USA. (Jan 28 -June 13 2011) You can read more about this event.

I hope to have the app available from February 11th 2011.


[...] Newly approved Universal app, Rewriting Freud is now on the app store. This 1.0 version is an artwork that carries on from a series. The first being a program made for a touch screen kiosk, and the second a book, which was generated by the kiosk. You can read more about those projects. [...]

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[...] In Re-Writing Freud, British artist Simon Morris collaborated with creative technologist Christine Morris to re-write The Interpretation of Dreams by feeding the text into a computer program designed to randomly select and re-order the words, thus recreating the book. The artists have remade this work as an iPhone/iPad application allowing an interactive reprocessing of Freud’s 223,704-word text. This project, and two related book projects featured in Dr. Froyd: Psychoanalysis in the Popular Imagination located on the Library Mezzanine, use Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams to explore the ability of art and text to “disrupt the existing order of things.” For more information about this project, visit Christine Morris’s description of the project: Re-Writing Freud. [...]

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